How It Works

1 – Setup Your Email Series

Customize our email series to suit your business, or replace them with your own emails.  You can also set how long Microbe should wait before sending your client each reminder email.


2 – Send Your Invoices

Start your invoices sending, Microbe will automatically send it with your reminder email until your client pays, or we reach the end of your email series.


3 – Stop Your Invoice Sending

Your invoice email will include a link that your client can use to let you know they’ve paid, when it’s clicked, we’ll send you another link to stop the invoice sending.

You can also stop invoices at any time though your control panel.


4 – Weekly Followup Report

Each Monday, Microbe will send you a report of all the clients it wasn’t able to reach with your email series, so you have a list of clients you need to contact by phone.


Help Guide

If you want help getting started, you can find the getting started guide here.